Fitness Lane Launches Private Label Workout Library

befit March 2, 2016 | Blog 0 comment

private lable workout library

Fitness Lane, a fitness channel online dedicated to helping anyone to Get Fit and Stay Fit, announced today its launch of a private label exercise & workout library.

This service is the answer to any organization which offers health & fitness services online or offline and would like to provide its customers with valuable fitness content on their website or mobile app to achieve quick, safe, effective results. This service is available for FREE or as a custom branded solution for your business.

“We are very excited to launch a new fitness service to help any organization provide valuable fitness content and education to their customers. Whether it’s a gym, fitness studio or fitness related website, they can instantly incorporate the Fitness Lane Exercise Library into their website or mobile app with no technical knowledge! We will provide full support” said Jon Gallo, a Celebrity Fitness Professional from New York and Fitness Lane Co-founder.

The private label exercise library will provide a wide variety of exercise & workout videos each designed to educate and motivate fitness enthusiasts. It includes warm-ups, stretches, as well as free weight movements for building strength and definition and most of all proper, effective and efficient use of gym equipment and/or at-home training.

“The exercise library can easily be integrated into any website or mobile app with a few lines of code! “ Says Mr. Gallo

Recently, Fitness lane has launched a fitness app which can be downloaded for FREE from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

At, you get the best streaming workouts from elite trainers, available any time on any device. Our vast array of workouts means you’ll never get bored and will always have a new workout to try designed from today’s top trainers.

The person behind Fitness Lane is Celebrity Professional Jon Gallo, an entrepreneur and a mainstay in the fitness community, recognized for more than 20 years. He is certified as a professional trainer by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, also certified in many other areas of training.

Jon is most passionate about sharing his mastery of improving the quality of life through fitness. The success of his systems and his extensive training and coaching experience propelled Jon to appear on national television and major radio stations including The CW 11 Morning News more than one dozen times. As a celebrity trainer he was also a guest on Ready, Set, Cook and The Ricki Lake Show, among others.