Fitness Lane – A New Fun And Social Path To Fitness. Lets Get Fit Together

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TV Celebrity trainer Jon Gallo made headlines last week with an announcement that he started a new fitness software platform that will revolutionize personal fitness transformation making it fun and social, something that has been missing from the fitness marketplace for sometime now.

The new platform is called and is available online or via your mobile devices in the form of an app for ios or android applications. Rumor has it that a new Apple TV channel is in the works as well. Gallo says, “With so many different kinds of fitness apps available, there has not been one yet that has integrated professional direction along with social accountability and community support.

By adding the community aspect to our site, we have created a fun and challenging way for individuals to hit their fitness goals disproving the old industry myth that the path to fitness is a lonely one of self-actualization.”

Gallo, who was a multi-unit operator for 24 Hour Fitness and managed their elite Utra-Sport NYC Locations has expressed that this new venture will allow him to extend his expertise and guidance by orders of magnitude.

“The secret to living is giving”, Gallo says.

The Fitness Lane Platform allows me to connect with a massive amount of individuals where I can give back and contribute my expertise and experience in the industry to make positive change and improve the quality of so many lives through fitness”.

Gallo has also announced that he is seeking a venture partner to invest and work with to scale and grow the company. You can download the app and direct any inquiries on this website: